Sometimes Less is More

These days less is equating to more for me. I have fewer belongings to worry about, and will be spending less because of the space limitations of the Casita. In exchange for less knick knacks, clothing, and gadgets that don’t really enrich my life and provide only fleeting happiness, I’m saving money to spend on experiences that teach me more about myself and the world and create memories to last a lifetime.

Less space to live in seems like a fine trade off for more mobility to move that space to wherever I feel like it. But what about entertainment? I don’t have a TV in the trailer, I’m sharing laptop time with my roommate, and our Wi-Fi connection is unpredictable at best. It means I’m spending more time outside. Julie and I use to sit at the apartment after a numbing day at work and say “Gee, we should go do something.” And then we’d give in to inertia and spend the rest of the evening on the internet.

I love being outdoors and recognized that I’m happier when I’m out experiencing the world rather than reading about it online, but there was always another YouTube video to watch, or meme to read. We got into this routine and just couldn’t shake it. The weekdays were for work, and on the weekends you could have fun, as long as you were back in working form by Monday morning. How dull. It started eating away at me on the inside, until I committed to seeing my dream of RVing made a reality.

Living in the Casita so far is rather like being on a working vacation. When I’m at work, it isn’t too hard to get in work mode and get things done. But once I get home to the RV there isn’t a set routine. I don’t need to start the evening by checking e-mail because it’s possible the internet won’t be working. For the first week or so that caused me a lot more anguish than it probably should have. What happened if I fell behind on forum updates, or blogs, or got a post up a day late?

As it turns out the world didn’t end, and now I’m finding it all quite liberating. I’m much more engaged than I use to be, every day there is something different to learn about how the RV works, or someplace new to explore around the campground.

I dumped my tanks for the first time today, and it was a happy event because it brought me one step closer to learning all I need to know about the Casita to travel full-time in it. I’d brag about how it all went smoothly and I had no issues, but that of course would be asking for a disaster next time I dump.

Two weekends ago we went salt water kayaking in Savannah, I got my exercise for the day in and had a lot of fun doing it. Last week I went out to Pickney Point Wildlife Refuge to see the White Ibis nesting and got some great photos, there must have been over 100 of them at this one pond. Two days ago Julie and I did our jog on Coligny Beach in a light rain completely barefoot, it was a blast. Afterward we walked around Hilton Head window shopping and exploring downtown.

These are all things that could have happened during the past almost three years that we’ve been living down here in apartments, but never did because staying in was just what happened by default. Which isn’t to say that we never got out before, because we did, it just was a lot frequent. Staying in was the path of least resistance, the easiest thing to do. Now, having less to do inside is equaling more adventure, and the best part? All of those things I listed didn’t cost us any more money than the gas to drive there.

I’m having more fun, and I’m making memories that will last a lot longer than if I’d just sat at home on the internet or watched TV all day.  So please, get out and go experience something you’ve been putting off. It doesn’t have to take a weekend and a lot of money to do. Chances are there is something happening close to where you live that you’ve always wanted to go to but just have never found the time. Make time to do them, tomorrow if you can, otherwise within the next week will do, then leave a comment here and let us all know how it went.

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  1. Dale on June 1, 2012 at 9:57 am

    That pic of you in the green kayak is cute as a button and tells a great story. I love my Kayak, I call it my Lemon Slice of Adventure (big yellow Ocean Kayak). I’ve stayed in many parks and campgrounds where the kayak opened up all kinds of new avenues to explore. My kayak, my mountain bike, and my scooter make a good explore-things combo. There are some places I don’t take it though. When I stayed down at Lake Seminole (GA -FLA boundary), I saw like 6 water moccasins every 5 mins. I didn’t put my Kayak in there, and decided to enjoy the bike trails instead.
    Dale recently posted..oleno-state-parkMy Profile

  2. Marvin on May 24, 2012 at 4:01 am

    Becky ,
    You are truly blessed and an inspiration .
    When you become familiar with the surroundings and activities you will know when it is time to change locations .
    Take care and be safe .

    • Becky on May 24, 2012 at 8:44 am

      Thank you Marvin. I’m here until August at the least whether I run out of things to do or not, but that’s a good tip for people who are already on the road and something for me to keep in mind once the traveling stage of this journey begins.

  3. Marcia on May 23, 2012 at 8:48 am

    I agree totally. When we are traveling in our Casita, we have no need of acquiring stuff and we take advantage of every opportunity to be outside and explore our surroundings. The internet holds much less appeal when life outside the door is up close and personal in a way that it doesn’t seem to be when living in the old “sticks and bricks”. Just a different mindset altogether!

    • Becky on May 23, 2012 at 2:31 pm

      Hello Marcia. Glad that I’m not the only one who finds this to be true. I’m hoping it’s sustainable and I won’t eventually fall into some kind of routine for living in the Casita. If I do you all better shake me out of it. 😉

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