2018 Travel Plans

Boondocking around the southwest for the winter and spring, then moseying up California to visit Oregon and Washington for the first time! After that I'll be picking up my new teardrop in Denver, CO come fall which will be a whole new adventure. Then back to the desert for winter again.

Disclaimer: All travel plans are written in jello and subject to change. What fun would it be if everything always went according to plan?

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2017: A Taste of International Travel

Tent camping on the Gulf of California and flying to Vancouver for a retreat, plus a whole lot in between.

Highlights from this year include my first backpacking trip, Exploring Moab with friends for a month, a gorgeous boondocking on a cliff overlooking Badlands National Park, and my first (and probably last) time working the beet harvest up in North Dakota.

2016: Becky Goes Boondocking

Trying out boondocking for the first time out west, and loving it.

Highlights from this year include attending Quartzsite for the first time (the largest RVer gathering in the US), traveling up scenic 395 in eastern California (and waking up one morning to a wildfire), and climbing the tallest mountain in Colorado over Labor Day weekend after my truck left me stranded.

2015: From Texas to Texas, the Long Way Around

Volunteering for Texas Parks and Wildlife for the first part of the year, work-camping at Yellowstone National Park over the summer, and then going back to Texas to do Amazon's CamperForce the last part of the year.

Total mileage: 6,370.

2014: Go West Young Man!... Woman... Whatever

Ringing in New Years with my toes in the Atlantic Ocean, volunteering with the University of Florida, work-camping at Zion National Park for the summer, off to CamperForce in Reno, NV in the fall, and then scooting over to the west coast to dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean on New Year's Eve.

Total mileage: 4,039.

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2013: Becky's First Full Year on the Road

Life is a highway, I wanna drive it all night long! Okay, maybe not all night ’cause I’d get pretty tired. But a good portion of the day at least.

Total Mileage: 5,217.

You’ll need to click through to Google to see the entire route for 2013, it’s too big to fit on one page in the old maps system.

2012: Leaving South Carolina

The biggest adventure starts with but a single step. Also known as all roads lead through Kansas City, at least this year.

Total mileage: 3,032.

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